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Voice over by professional voice over artist Rick Blade for promos, movie trailers, commercials, radio imaging, and narration. Our work philosophy is to provide the best voice over at affordable voice over prices, and to treat each project as if it is the most important one of all. LISTEN TO OUR VOICE OVER DEMO REEL, and contact us today about our competitive voice over rates. Our voice versatility and years of experience enable us to comfortably cater to the demand for voice over worldwide in a range of project categories. Voice over in a world driven by advertising and creating awareness can be a rewarding endeavor. There are many categories of voice over jobs that offer opportunity for the professional voice actor. However, achieving "rock-star" status overnight seldom happens, and one must work hard and spend long hours honing their craft. Much of the work at first entails self-promotion and establishing an online presence with the introduction of a personal voice over artist website. An aspiring voice over talent can either pay thousands of dollars for a professionally made website, or create an online voice over site of their own using software tools. Then of course, the voice over actor must record and host easily accessible demos as we do above, in order to be heard and hired by potential voice over clients. Over time practical voice over talent may wish to specialize in, or niche one specific genre or category of voice over, instead of trying to be all things to all people. This only comes after much practice behind the microphone recording voice over scripts, and then one's work getting online exposure in order to determine one's categorical strength or "forte".

For instance voice over talent may subsequently discover that commercials are the way to go, perhaps even automotive voice overs. If the voice talent can do political ads convincingly, this could be a lucrative area. Or if one is a good storyteller and can instruct in a believable manner, then narration voice over could be the ticket to success. Listening to narrators of the numerous documentaries carried on cable, and to virtual or video tour guides, and then incorporating some of those reading styles may work to one's advantage. Another area of expertise is trailer voice over, whether for movie trailers or book trailers. While offering movie trailer voice over is very competitive, as in the case of Hollywood movie trailers, book trailer voice over may be a better option. Most major motion pictures to be released use actual scenes or clips from the movie as trailers, and then are often tagged by the title and release date voiced by a voice over artist. Yet another source of voice over work is radio imaging coupled with TV and radio promos. There are literally thousands of physical radio stations around the world, in addition to the increasing number of online radio stations seeking fresh voices to "sell" their call signs or call letters, often in epic fashion, which readily identify the station to the listener. Still another highly sought after category is video game voices. Focusing on a single genre for potential voice over could translate into continual work for the American voice actor in terms of repeat business. One category for instance, that may be overlooked and not overly competitive is voicemail greetings. Otherwise, voice over artists may eventually find themselves stretched a bit too thin by trying to cover all of the bases. Stretched but not broken, contact us now for voice over that's for the ages.


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