Perfect Example of a Slumlord and Bad Landlord Residing in Englewood, Fl.


Perfect example of a slumlord and bad landlord residing in Englewood, Fl.

Dedicating this website to exposing him for the scoundrel that he is. You'll want to avoid business interactions with him, or suffer the consequences due to his dishonesty and greed. No one has stepped up to the plate for me, after contacting all possible government agencies. In question, is the Florida Landlord Tenant Law. Is it really law, or just a smokescreen that these degenerate, uncooperative slumlords scoff at, ignore, or even hide behind? Just who is protected, and is this law fully comprehensive? According to at least one television investigative news team in Florida, the most common complaint involves bad landlords like this one. Within this website is supportive photographic evidence clearly showing the damage of the rental property in question, address of which is withheld for now for privacy reasons, and a letter I wrote to the attorney general which amounted to nothing, and I can't afford a private attorney at $325 an hour on social security alone.

My life has been completely disrupted, my right to live in peace compromised by this inexcusable situation, and it's a two-headed monster. Adding to my misery is my clinically depressed wife of 10 years with a history of irrational behavior, on meds, who stayed behind in NC. She got the ball rolling by waiting until after I secured the rental before betraying me with a separation, deserting and stranding me without our vehicle, the rent amount only affordable based on our combined income. None of this makes any difference to this slumlord, who refused to return my money, first month, an additional month, last, and security deposit, once informing him of the separation. To add insult to injury and further putting my health at risk, is this individual's poor excuse for not making necessary repairs and removing mold prior to me moving in, that "this is why I offer cheap rents". The rent amount is still a rip off, and for a location next to a busy street besides. He had even raised it shortly before the previous tenant vacated. To make matters even worse, my vision is failing due to multiple sclerosis triggered by all of the stress.

This SLUMLORD will probably try to STEAL my security deposit on top of it, following the moving expenses I'll have all over again just 3 months later because of the trouble this person is putting me through leading up to and since moving in June 28th, 2018. Legal Aid of Bay Area Legal Service stated that any background provided by the previous tenant (refer to Letter to Florida Attorney General) whom I didn't meet until AFTER I moved in unfortunately, is merely "gossip". Gossip? Seeing is believing, this house may even be condemnable, and same landlord has blatantly demonstrated his unwillingness to cooperate and make repairs that should have been rendered prior to moving in (Landlord and Tenant/Civil Practice and Procedure/Florida Statute 83.51). Now if he were to even agree to take care of the mold problem and make the necessary repairs, he would now have to inconvenience me by imposing on my time to make them. Also according to the Florida Landlord Tenant Law (Landlord and Tenant/Civil Practice and Procedure/Florida Statute 83.201), I can abandon the premises due to the DISREPAIR this house is in, and not be held to ANY LEASE. Legal Aid in a subsequent letter states that "there may be a statute of limitations that applies to your case which could cut off your rights if you fail to take legal action before a certain date", while at the same time advising that they can't represent me. What a complete waste of time! Which begs the question, JUST WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON???

All responses welcome before losing my vision completely to MS by going to the contact page. Whether you're a conscientious public servant or legal representative displeased by the actions of these underhanded individuals (just not at $325 an hour!), whether you have a mobile home, apartment, or small house for rent in Florida, and even if you're looking for a dependable and stable roommate, or whether you too are a victim of a dishonest landlord with a similar story to tell. (Can it be as nightmarish as mine?)

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