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Contact online voice over and online voice acting for voice over work online by professional online voice over talent Rick Blade.

Online voice over and online voice acting by professional online voice over talent.

Put our decade of online voice over and online voice acting experience by professional online voice over talent Rick Blade to work for you, offering voice over work online for commercial voice over, promo voice over, radio imaging voice over, movie trailer voice over, book trailer voice over, narrative, plus for all of your video game and character voices. Listen to our voice over examples, and CONTACT US TODAY about our AFFORDABLE ONLINE VOICE OVER RATES. Review a partial list of our happy voice over clients showcasing the variety of projects under our belt. Rest assured that voice over online has a world wide audience on the web. The world has become incredibly smaller for the American voice actor since the advent of the internet. Incredibly, online voice over business can be conducted across the globe literally in a flash, so it comes as no surprise that the voice over industry too embraces the world wide web. We continue as voice over talent to make over services available to everyone seeking online voice over, by virtue of our voice over artist website. We present and promote ourselves along with our voice over work online for your convenience. After hearing our hosted voice over examples above, prospective voice seekers like you can in turn contact us by email or by phone to obtain details about our online voice over rates and production services by our voice over talent online. Should you prefer, based on your client's wishes, we can also record an audition for the project.

You should also describe in detail your voice over job such as a well thought out commercial project, or narration voice over by our steadfast narrator for compelling and informative video projects. Dramatic and epic, or conversely our intrepid movie trailer voice actor can emit more subdued and mysterious movie trailer voice over for movie trailers and their close siblings the increasingly popular book trailers. A monthly schedule of promos to be aired on a television channel, or our solid radio imaging voice talent can rack up a bundle of radio imaging liners and sweepers for radio stations on the internet. Perhaps video games requiring video game voices by our crack video game voice actor, and even voicemail greetings to be recorded. Then you forward a script to us, we negotiate a price, and next you quickly receive a finished product over the internet within 24-48 hours of payment subject to lead time, script length, and production required if a music or sfx background is to be mixed with the voice over by our online voice over talent. With major advances in internet and voice editing software, voice over online can be recorded and produced in our home studio with the sound excellence and quality comparable to professional recording studio facilities. Of course this demands state-of-the-art recording gear, and we begin with a condenser microphone as the weapon of choice for our voice over services. The dynamic microphone is designed more for radio and TV broadcasting. The most popular condenser microphone brands include Sennheiser, Shure, Rode, Yeti, and Neumann, maker of the grand-daddy of them all, the U-87. Next comes audio editing software and a powerful PC with plenty of memory. Our studio page lists all of the tools necessary to our trade. We look forward to hearing from you soon for online voice over at our affordable rates.


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Contact online voice over and online voice acting for voice over work online by professional online voice over talent Rick Blade.
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