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Contact commercial voice actor Rick Blade for professional commercial voice over.

Commercial voice actor for professional commercial voice over.

Commercial voice actor Rick Blade for professional commercial voice over. Check out our commercial voice over demo and CONTACT US TODAY about our affordable voice over for TV and radio commercials! We've cultivated the commercial voice actor role to the point where we have it down to an art. You only need to forward your project details and final draft of your commercial voice over script using our contact page form, and we'll reply promptly within 24-hours. Upon request, we'll even record a custom demo of your script in advance in those situations when the client prefers to approve the commercial voice actor first. We also offer commercial voice over accompanied by the opposite sex when the script calls for dual voices. Whether your commercial is about selling cars or selling eyewear and everything in between, we can play a huge role in driving your advertising message home. It takes personality, it takes believability, it takes sincerity, and it takes panache to deliver the lines in a convincing and trustworthy manner. From soft-sell to hard-sell, it must be believable. After all, who would buy face cream from a car salesman or a Ford Mustang from the Avon lady? Here's a sample of a hard-sell script for a specific car brand we may record: "It's ending! Clearance savings on thousands of new Honda's are almost gone! It's your last chance, and it's happening NOW, during the final days of your Honda Dealers biggest summer clearance ever! Drive off in a new Accord or Civic and save thousands NOW, with special zero point nine percent financing and clearance deals on America's best value brand! There's never been a better time to buy a fuel efficient Honda! Every new Honda is clearance priced! The biggest Honda summer clearance EVER ends soon, so get to your Honda dealer NOW! It's HUGE...the BIGGEST savings event of the year!"

The commercial voice actor must be wary of whom is being spoken to in direct relation to the product or service being advertised. Ad agencies spend a lot of time and money researching consumer demographics and buyer traits. In turn many clients hire ad agencies at additional expense, so the commercial voice actor has to be versatile and flexible in a number of ways, both mentally and vocally in terms of talent. The correct attitude is imperative when approaching and interpreting the commercial copy. Honing our commercial voice over to specifically fit the demands of each client commercial voice over job has become second nature to us, in the course striving to surpass the voice acting levels achieved by any professional commercial voice actors we were in direct competition with. Not only do we possess the desirable commercial voice over talent necessary, but compare our commercial voice actor rates, then contact us for a cost estimate within your projected talent budget. We highly appreciate your visit here to our website and look forward to working with you soon, commercially speaking on your project's behalf!


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